The Executive Board

Driven, Skilled, and Ready To Live In The Fast Lane


Robbie Selby


Robbie is a mechanical engineering Junior who joined the team in 2018. He is one of the biggest contributors on the suspensions and steering subteam. He currently serves as the main welder for the fabrication of the new car. He previously worked on the engine subteam and served as the clubs Secretary in 2019.


Drew Ottenlips

Vice President

Senior studying mechanical engineering. Joined the team in 2018. Drew is currently responsible for working on the drivetrain. He also served as the clubs previous Treasurer in 2019.


Nishil Condoor


Nishil is a Junior studying mechanical engineering and has been a member of the team since 2019. As Treasurer, his main task consists of ensuring that the team sticks to their strict budget when it comes to all the purchases relating to the car. He is currently working on the bodywork/aerodynamics of the car.


James David


James is  a Junior studying Computer Engineering. He joined the team in 2018 and has taken the lead electrical role in 2020. As secretary he coordinates weekly meetings and documents weekly progress.


Jacob Bullard

Senior Adviser

Jacob is a Senior studying mechanical engineer. He previously served as the club's President. In the past, he was a big contributor towards the previous car's suspensions and brakes. He is someone we all look up to as he continues to guide nearly every subteam with his knowledge.


Will Florence

Senior Adviser

Will is a mechanical engineering Senior who joined the team in 2019.  He is responsible for being knowledgeable about all components of the car and ensuring that the team stays on schedule for finishing the car on time.  He also is one of the team leads in the machine shop. He is currently working on the drivetrain.